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Our specialized tool will assist you in saving time, effort, and staying within your local building code!

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We are diligently working on getting our product to market. We are currently securing funding and establishing the proper relationships for production and distribution. Finding the right partners is crytical to a successful launch!

Our spindle spacer tool relies on knowing the distance between each spindle / baluster. In order to reach this distance a basic formula is used. Here are some resources to help you determine the proper distance. Please note that you will need to know the minimum local code requirements in your area.


Virginia Railing & Gates has a nice online calculator to help determine your spacing and degrees and so does decks.com You can read a nice explanation at Home Addition Plus about the formula.


Also, for your convenience, we have created this easy to follow work sheet that will help you manually calculate the proper spindle spacing for your project. Or, if you preffer a quick calculator here is an easy Excel/LibreOffice sheet that we have created for you. Download Now.


You will need a PDF reader to view the work sheet. You can safely download one from Adobe.


We hope this information helps you get started. Soon you will be able to order our special tool online or pick one up at your favorite local hardware store!

If you wish to contact us regarding our specialized patent pending tool please write to us at the address bellow.

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